100% Homemade & Natural

All our waffles are 100% homemade following authentic Belgian recipes. Our ingredients are both local and imported, only using the best possible quality.
We believe in natural products, that’s why we don’t use any artificial flavoring, sweeteners or preservatives. Just the best waffles, nothing else!

Made to Order

Because we want to ensure the freshness of your waffles, we only start baking right after you place your order. If you place your order before 12pm, you will receive it the next day. If you order after 12pm, you will need to wait one more day!
Our Brussels Waffles are intended to be served and eaten warm, so at this point they are not available for online order. But you sure can catch us somewhere around town or book us for your event!

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  • Liege

    Mr. Waffle - Authentic Belgian Waffles in Shanghai
    Mr. Waffle - Authentic Belgian Waffles in Shanghai


    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    The Liège Waffle is likely the most known Belgian waffle, the one that made 'Belgian Waffles' famous around the world.
    It's a big waffle, eaten hot or cold with chunks of caramelized sugar glistening on the most delicious buttery-sweet treasure beneath.
    Very, very few waffle makers (even in Belgium) still take the time and effort to make them in the authentic way, as it's recipe is delicate and time consuming to make.

    Mr. Waffle is proud to say that our Liège waffles, like all the rest of our waffles, are 100 % homemade, with all the right ingredients and no single shortcut taken! Just like in the good ol' days!



    The Liege waffle is made with big chunks of imported pearl sugar, which is at it's best when heated up.
    It's highly recommended to heat your Liege waffle in the microwave on low/medium level for about 15-20 seconds. This will make the pearl sugar heat up inside the waffle and create the unique flavor that makes a real Liege waffle so special! Enjoy!

  • Mons



    The Mons Waffle is a healthy snack for any time of the day! It's a big waffle that stays fresh for over 2 weeks easily and will indulge you with it's rich and healthy taste!

    Mons is available in 2 unique flavors:
    Matcha Japanese Green Tea
    Matcha is a finely milled Japanese green tea that is known to have great health benefits. For example, a Mons Matcha waffle contains 10x more antioxidants than a regular cup of green tea! It also greatly enhances your energy levels and gives you more focus!
    The Mons Matcha waffle is therefore a perfect afternoon snack when you need that extra energy!
    Cocoa & Cinnamon
    The cocoa bean is the main ingredient of chocolate, but in it's unsweetened powder form it is more healthy and also contains lots of antioxidants. To give the waffle it's special taste, we added a touch of real cinnamon.

  • Bruges

    Mr Waffle - Authentic Belgian Waffles in Shanghai
    Mr Waffle - Authentic Belgian Waffles in Shanghai


    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Bruges Waffles are small sweet bites covered in delicious Belgian Chocolate!
    The waffles are sweet, crunchy but most of all irresistible!
    You can choose between dark chocolate, white chocolate or a mixed box.
    The chocolate we use is Belgiums' finest: imported dark Callebaut 70.4% black chocolate and imported white Callebaut W2NV 28%. Trust us, it's the best!
    Packed in boxes of 30 pieces.

  • Lier

    Mr Waffle - Authentic Belgian Waffles in Shanghai
    Mr Waffle - Authentic Belgian Waffles in Shanghai


    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Lier filled waffles are two thin and tasty 'gallette'-style waffles that are bound together by a delicious filling.
    The waffle is a little softer, which makes it a very nice bite!
    You can choose between two kinds of filling:

    Vanilla Butter Cream
    This is super sweet cream made according to an old old Belgian recipe. Best choice for those who like it more sweet! And a hint of vanilla to give it a perfect finish.

    Speculoos Spread
    World famous (in Belgium at least) Speculoos spread is hard to explain to someone who hasn't tasted it yet… The best way to describe it is to say it's like a cookie, but liquid and spreadable instead. Yes, it does taste as awesome as it sounds!

  • Ghent

    Mr Waffle - Authentic Belgian Waffles in Shanghai
    Mr Waffle - Authentic Belgian Waffles in Shanghai



    The Ghent Waffle is a large and thin galette-style waffle sweet, but not too sweet and a nice touch of real vanilla beans.
    This waffle can be enjoyed on many occasions; at your coffee or tea break as a desert or in between as snack.
    But, without a doubt, the best way to eat you Ghent waffle is to take two pieces and squeeze a nice scoop of your favorite ice cream in between!!

  • Antwerp



    The Antwerp Waffle is a small biscuit loaded with a delicious sweet taste. The waffle is approx. 0.5cm thick and is tastes crunchy!
    Ideal with a cup of coffee or tea and tastes extra good when reading a newspaper simultaneously…

  • Brussels


    Therefore they are not for sale online at this point.
    But you sure can catch us somewhere around town or book us for your event!
    We always add new toppings to our Brussels menu, according to the season. If you have something special in mind you would like us to prepare as topping for your event, let us know!

  • Hoboken



    You know cinnamon rolls? Of course you do, and you love them!
    Well, our Hoboken is a modern twist on that: a cinna-roffle. All the goodness of a cinnamon roll disguised as a waffle!
    This is two worlds coming together, you'll never have to choose again between having a cinnamon roll or a waffle.
    The base of this waffle is a very fluffy dough made with great care and lots of time to get it in the needed shape. Then it's covered with a mix of granulated sugar, cinnamon and raisins, rolled and baked in the waffle iron.

    For those who like it more sweet, we of course also cover your favourite bite in delicious icing to finish it up!

    Packed in boxes of 4 pieces