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Real Belgian Waffles

Since decades, Belgium has been the capital of the waffle. Almost every city in Belgium has it’s own kind of waffle, from big, fluffy and sweet to small, crispy and everything in between. Now we bring this authentic piece of history to China for you to taste!

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all natural & homemade

All our waffles are 100% homemade and natural, made with only the best quality of imported and local ingredients without adding any food additives, taste enhancers or anything not natural.

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Always there for you

Whether it’s at one of our many weekend markets, at your event or here in our online shop, we are always busy making the best quality waffles for you!.


Mr. Waffle Shop

Looking for a delicious gift for your boss? Craving for some real tasty waffles to go with your coffee or tea? Browse our online shop and have all this deliciousness delivered to your door. All of our waffle products are freshly made for you right after you order them. This way you will always get the freshest products made just for you!

Book us on your Event
Are you throwing a birthday party? Organizing an event for your company or organization? Impress your guest by offering them freshly baked authentic Belgian waffles! Book us for your next event.


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