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100% Homemade & Natural

All our waffles are 100% homemade following authentic Belgian recipes. Our ingredients are both local and imported, only using the best possible quality.
We believe in natural products, that’s why we don’t use any artificial flavoring, sweeteners or preservatives. Just the best waffles, nothing else!

Made to Order

Because we want to ensure the freshness of your waffles, we only start baking right after you place your order. If you place your order before 12pm, you will receive it the next day. If you order after 12pm, you will need to wait one more day!
Our Brussels Waffles are intended to be served and eaten warm, so at this point they are not available for online order. But you sure can catch us somewhere around town or book us for your event!

For TaoBao users: we also have our 画华夫 – Mr. Waffle Shop there!

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  • 列日




  • Mons



    The Mons Waffle is a healthy snack for any time of the day! It's a big waffle that stays fresh for over 2 weeks easily and will indulge you with it's rich and healthy taste!

    Mons is available in 2 unique flavors:
    Matcha Japanese Green Tea
    Matcha is a finely milled Japanese green tea that is known to have great health benefits. For example, a Mons Matcha waffle contains 10x more antioxidants than a regular cup of green tea! It also greatly enhances your energy levels and gives you more focus!
    The Mons Matcha waffle is therefore a perfect afternoon snack when you need that extra energy!
    Cocoa & Cinnamon
    The cocoa bean is the main ingredient of chocolate, but in it's unsweetened powder form it is more healthy and also contains lots of antioxidants. To give the waffle it's special taste, we added a touch of real cinnamon.

  • 布鲁日



    布鲁日华夫形状圆而小巧,外层包裹着美味的比利时巧克力酱!口感非常香脆,美味无法阻挡!您可以选择黑巧克力、白巧克力或者混合装。我们选用的比利时最好的巧克力:进口黑巧克力 Callebaut 70.4% 和进口白巧克力 Callebaut W2NV 28%.相信我们,这是最棒的选择!盒装30片

  • 利尔




  • 根特




  • 安特卫普




  • 布鲁塞尔


    布鲁塞尔华夫为现吃现做的系列,因此将网上店铺将不提供。不过您可以预定我们为您的活动现场制作。详情请点击 somewhere around town 或者 book us

  • Bruges Gift Pack

    Mr. Waffle - Authentic Belgian Waffles in Shanghai
    Mr. Waffle - Authentic Belgian Waffles in Shanghai

    Bruges Gift Pack


    Bruges Waffles are small sweet bites covered in delicious Belgian Chocolate!
    The waffles are sweet, crunchy but most of all irresistible!
    You can choose between dark chocolate, white chocolate or a mixed box.
    The chocolate we use is Belgiums' finest: imported dark Callebaut 70.4% black chocolate and imported white Callebaut W2NV 28%. Trust us, it's the best!
    The Gift Pack contains of 3 packs of 30 pieces each, packed together in a stylish box

  • 霍博肯



    知道肉桂卷吗?相信大家都喜欢! 现隆重推出我们的华夫新品-霍博肯 它是肉桂卷与华夫完美融合! 伴有两者的完美结合,您就再也不用为选择华夫还是肉桂卷而纠结啦! 此款华夫的制作过程中,面团需要精心揉捏至松软,并确保其形状符合要求,随后裹有砂糖,肉桂和葡萄干,放入华夫铁炉里烘焙。 如果有人喜欢更甜的口感,那就一定要尝试涂抹冰糖外层的香甜升级版!

  • 比利时巧克力冰激凌



    比利时黑巧克力我们使用的巧克力是比利时最好的进口黑巧克力 Callebaut 70.4% 为了更专业的冷冻快递,目前在Kate & Kimi : 这里 Size: 1 Pint / 473ml

  • 购物袋





  • 咖啡&核桃冰激凌




    包含足够的illy浓缩咖啡和核桃为了更专业的冷冻快递,目前在Kate & Kimi : 这里 Size: 1 Pint / 473ml

  • t恤 白色

    t恤 白色



  • 咖啡&核桃冰激凌



    包含足够的illy浓缩咖啡和核桃为了更专业的冷冻快递,目前在Kate & Kimi : 这里 Size: 1 Pint / 473ml

  • 马达加斯加香草冰激凌



    纯正马达加斯加香草豆 为了更专业的冷冻快递,目前在Kate & Kimi : 这里 Size: 1 Pint / 473ml